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About M & A Security

Mission Statement

M&A Security Operations is a security solutions and guarding facility registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs in Lesotho.
It was established to meet a wide range of needs experienced by the security industry.

Our Objectives

To provide the best quality security services and training through combined utilization of skills, knowledge and expertise of our instructors and administrators.

Areas of Operations

Peace Keeping Measures

"Our security guards and senior management personnel officers are highly trained and experienced in problem solving measures and strategies through negotiation processes by means of progressive intervention method s including conflict management, strategic plans and approaches. We are intended to utilize the abovementioned expertise whenever need arises."
"We do believe in conflict resolution by means of peace talks and are committed to conduct the fact-finding missions where conflict exists and create conducive environment and stability.."

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Our Services

24 Hours business or property armed security

Security solutions/systems installer

Performs recruitment and training

Services for security personnel on behalf of the clients

Department use of force and self defense

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